photo: Fangxinyue Wang

Feifan Hu(b.1998) was born in China and now works in London. She graduated from London College of Fashion and recently from the Royal College of Art.

Feifan Hu works across textiles and drawing. Her practice often pivots around issues of culture, family, gender and human-nature relationships. Through personal experiences and memories, Feifan uses domestic craft, childlike drawings and performance to explore female Chinese identities culturally and politically. She also questions the stereotypical perception of domestic textile and craft. She is interested in contradictions, both pleasant and melancholic, cute and uncanny. Her work features a sense of childlike female characters, humorously using symbolic meanings from nature, culture, and memory. She narrates a visual language between vulnerability and defiance.

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-MA Textile at Royal College of Art, 2020-2022
-BA Fashion textile at London College of Fashion, 2017-2020

Group show: 
-Residency exhibition presented by Contemporary Art Studio at Hackney Gallery, London, 2024
-Lawless imagination, Rupturexibit, London, 2023 Gallery, London, 2023 
- Fontana!  Ladies Drawing Club, Online, 2023,  Link:
-CAMPING by Camping_art at M P Birla Millenium Gallery, London, 2023 
- The fox & the girl, Navigator North The Masham, H! Street Fest 2023, Middlesbrough, 2023 
-Surging Silence, supported by Hypha Studio& GETLIVING, London, 2023 
-Underdone, by Fluid Table &  Wandsworth Arts Fringe, London, 2023
- Crossing Through the Spike Isle, Wutong Gallery, Nanjing, China, 2023
- Diving Into the Hills, supported by Hypha Studio& Regents Street, London, 2023
- In the Midst of a Melting Garden, Rupturexibit Gallery, London, 2023 
-The Holy Art, London, 2022
-Unfold, Royal college of Art Graduation Show, London, 2022
- GMT/CET, Morrell House by Freezing Fog, London,2021
- New Designers online feature, 2020

-Contemporary Art Studio, Dalston, London, February- March, 2024

-Collect Art Magazine-VOL3 101 Contemporary Artists and more... Tbilisi, Georgia, 2023
-Collect Art Magazine- Special Issue Romance, Tbilisi, Georgia,2023 
-Artist Talk Magazine- The Next Generation- Issue 20, 2022

Private Collection, Canada, 2022
Blackwater Polytechnic, Essex UK, 2022
Private collection, Germany, 2022
Private Collection, China, 2022