Yin Garden 

Mixed media textile, 2021

Yin garden is a series of collaborative mixed media soft objects about saying goodbye to a friend, a letter without words, a piece of a warm memory, and a garden of celebrating friendship. Yin was my flatmate. Her work is about nature, plants, sustainability and surroundings. She recently left the UK. We lived for a very long time together, and we supported each other during the pandemic. She is a dear friend, a mentor, and an inspiration.

After she left, I found a bag of her samples in a grocery bag in our flat. These fragments were made with a range of materials: soy fibre, raw wool, plaster, clay... These samples are documentation of her work and the diaries of her feelings. I assembled them into flowers, mushrooms, and plants without leaves. During the sewing process, I found a tiny note attached with a pink crocheted flower which she wrote '9th of March, cherry blossom tree'. 

I don't know when I will see her next during such a difficult time. I transfer my sadness into threads, patching and sewing. Yin left in silence, we never got to say goodbye in person, so these garden plants are rituals and blessings. These botanical objects reinterpret our relationship within the natural world and reconnect us somehow.